Swan Valley Wine Tours: Top 10 Wineries in Perth

Unforgettable Swan Valley Wine Tours with HGL Tours: Experience the Top 10 Wineries in Perth

At HGL Tours, we take the wine experience seriously, and the Swan Valley region is one of our favourite destinations. As Perth’s oldest wine region, Swan Valley is home to an eclectic blend of award-winning wineries, each offering a unique tasting experience. Our Swan Valley Wine Tour lets you explore this wine connoisseur’s paradise at your own pace. This blog will list the top 10 wineries you must visit in the Swan Valley region for tastings, lunch, and a relaxing time.

  1. Sandalford Wines One of the oldest and most prestigious wineries in the Swan Valley, Sandalford Wines blends the historic charm with innovative winemaking practices. Their acclaimed wine tasting experience lets you sample their top-tier wines while their restaurant offers gourmet dishes inspired by locally sourced ingredients.
  2. Mandoon Estate Exquisite wines, a heritage-listed homestead, and an art gallery make Mandoon Estate a must-visit. Take your Swan Valley Wine Tour to the next level by indulging in tastings of Mandoon’s award-winning wines and enjoying their gourmet culinary offerings.
  3. Olive Farm Wines Home to the oldest established vineyard in the region, Olive Farm Wines delivers unforgettable wine tasting sessions with their diverse range of wines. Their tasting room with views of the vineyards is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy a glass of their finest.
  4. Houghton Wines Houghton Wines, one of the most iconic wineries in the Swan Valley, is renowned for its exceptional quality wines. Their wine tasting and pairing experiences, coupled with their tranquil picnic spots, offer the perfect setting for a relaxing afternoon.
  5. Upper Reach Winery If you’re seeking an intimate, boutique winery experience, Upper Reach Winery is a must. This family-run vineyard is renowned for their personal touch and fine wines, making it an essential stop on any Swan Valley Wine Tour.
  6. Talijancich Wines Known for their traditional wine-making methods, Talijancich Wines offers a taste of Swan Valley’s rich wine history. Explore their range of fortified wines and verdelho while soaking in the picturesque vineyard views.
  7. Swanbrook Winery & Cafe Swanbrook offers more than just fantastic wine. Enjoy a tasting of their premium varietals followed by a leisurely lunch at their on-site café, overlooking the stunning vineyards.
  8. Lancaster Wines Famous for their relaxed, rustic charm, Lancaster Wines gives you the chance to taste their range of premium wines in an idyllic outdoor setting, complete with cheese platters that perfectly compliment their tastings.
  9. Garbin Estate Wines Experience a slice of Swan Valley’s wine-making history at Garbin Estate Wines. Enjoy their premium wines and stunning vineyard views for an unforgettable winery experience.
  10. Sittella Winery & Restaurant Rounding off our list is Sittella, renowned for their sparking varietals and contemporary Australian cuisine. Their terrace restaurant offers panoramic views of the vineyards, perfect for a relaxing lunch.

Planning a Swan Valley Wine Tour can seem overwhelming with so many incredible wineries to choose from. At HGL Tours, we take the stress out of planning by offering private charters that let you explore the wineries at your own pace. Our local knowledge and commitment to providing the best experience make us the leading provider of winery tours in Perth.

Experience the Swan Valley region in comfort and style with HGL Tours, where every journey is a unique adventure. Contact us today to plan your unforgettable Swan Valley Wine Tour.