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Perth Beach Tours

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Perth Beach Tours

Perth, home to some of Australia’s most spectacular beaches, is the perfect destination for beach lovers. Join HGL Tours for unforgettable beach tours around this sun-soaked city.

Begin your beach tour at the iconic Cottesloe Beach, known for its stunning sunsets over the Indian Ocean, crystal clear waters, and Norfolk Pines lining the coast. Next, visit the family-friendly Scarborough Beach, boasting a vibrant atmosphere with its lively bars, restaurants, and a beachside pool.

Continue your beach journey to City Beach, a favourite among locals for its pristine white sands and excellent surf conditions. It’s also home to some of Perth’s best seaside dining options.

Take a short ferry ride to the beautiful Rottnest Island, where over 60 secluded beaches and 20 bays await your discovery. The Basin, Salmon Bay, and Pinky Beach are among the must-visit spots on the island.

Finally, visit the lesser-known but equally beautiful Trigg Beach, a popular spot for surfing and snorkelling with its abundant marine life.

With HGL Tours’ Perth Beach Tours, you’ll uncover the beauty of Perth’s coastline, bask in the warm sun, and indulge in the laid-back beach culture.

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