Enchantment of Perth Hills: Mundaring, Bickley Wineries, and Lesmurdie Waterfalls

Hidden in the heart of Western Australia, the Perth Hills brims with scenic splendour and a rich cultural heritage. This region, an undiscovered gem, offers travellers an array of unique experiences from the quaint town of Mundaring to the exquisite Bickley wineries and the picturesque Lesmurdie Waterfalls. Make your journey truly remarkable with HGL Tours, who bring you closer to the authentic Western Australian experience.

The Perth Hills, specifically the charming town of Mundaring, are a nature lover’s paradise. The quiet streets lined with local boutiques, artisan cafes and studios effortlessly blend with the region’s lush green landscapes. The Mundaring Weir and the historic Mundaring Hotel add to the allure, making it a must-visit destination for all wanderlust souls.

Take the scenic route to the Bickley Valley and find yourself amidst some of the finest wineries in Australia. The Bickley wineries, tucked away in the heart of the Perth Hills, offer a captivating viticultural experience. You can indulge in exceptional wine tasting sessions, explore the sprawling vineyards, and dine at exquisite restaurants that serve sumptuous locally sourced cuisine.

An adventure to Perth Hills would not be complete without a trip to the mesmeriding Lesmurdie Waterfalls. This natural spectacle is a sight to behold, particularly in winter and spring when the falls are in full flow. The walk to the falls provides a tranquil retreat amidst the grandeur of native Australian bushland.

Your journey through Perth Hills is enhanced manifold when traversed with HGL Tours. They provide curated experiences that cater to individual interests and ensure a deeper, more personal connection with the heart and soul of Western Australia.